CanCURE 2.0

Principal Investigators




Steering Committee

CanCURE 2.0's Steering Committee (SC) includes the Team's seven Principal Investigators, as well as two Principle Knowledge Users that oversee and provide the community perspective. The SC is responsible for the overall management of the program and for setting scientific and training priorities.


SC members include:

Éric Cohen, SC Co-Chair, CanCURE 2.0 Lead Investigator, Principal Investigator

Jonathan Angel, SC Co-Chair, Principal Investigator

Petronela Ancuta, Principal investigator

Jérôme Estaquier, Principal Investigator

Thomas Murooka, Principal Investigator

Nicolas Chomont, Principal investigator

Jean-Pierre Routy, Principal Investigator

Ron Rosenes, Principle Knowledge User

Shari Margolese, Principle Knowledge User

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Scientific Advisory Board

CanCURE 2.0 is guided by a Scientific Advisory Board comprising four world-renowned basic and clinical scientists with a proven track record in the field of HIV Cure research.

Principle Knowledge Users


Community Advisory Board

Team Coordination




Affiliated Universities & research centers

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