Pilot projects bring new members to the CanCURE consortium

Pilot projects have been integrated to the CanCURE research program for the 2015-16 period. These innovative projects will introduce concepts and address questions in the field of HIV Cure research which are new to the Team's scientific endeavours. Moreover, the projects will be conducted by current CanCURE Investigators, but also by Drs. Nicolas Chomont (CHUM Research Centre, Montréal) and Thomas T. Murooka (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg) who have now formally joined CanCURE as new members of the Team. The pilot projects they will pursue are:

Detection and quantification of persistently infected cells during ART using novel ultrasensitive assays (THEME 1 project) by Drs. Daniel E. Kaufmann & Nicolas Chomont

Pilot project summary >>

Cellular mechanisms of HIV-1 transmission through macrophage:T cell interactions (THEME 2 project) by Drs. Keith R. Fowke & Thomas T. Murooka

Pilot project summary >>

Dr. Nicolas Chomont (left) and Dr. Thomas T. Murooka (right)

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