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Notice of passing of CanCURE member Dr. Cheolho Cheong

It is with deep sadness that we must announce the sudden passing of CanCURE Investigator Dr. Cheolho Cheong on April 24th 2016 at his home in Montréal. Dr. Cheong was an active member of the CanCURE research program since its inception. Using humanized mice models, he was succesfully developing dendritic cell-based strategies aimed at enhancing immune clearance of persistent HIV reservoirs. He was Director of the Cellular Physiology and Immunology research unit at the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM), Assistant Professor at Université de Montréal and Adjunct Professor at McGill University.

The funeral was held yesterday in South Korea. CanCURE offers its most sincere condolences and support to his wife, his two young children, his family as well as to his trainees who have lost an outstanding mentor.

Dr. Cheong's enthusiasm, determination and kindness will remain an inspiration to all who had the privilege to know him and work along his side.

Dr Cheolho Cheong

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