Canadian <-> Global Stakeholder's Engagement Workshop at IAS 2015, Vancouver

The IAS Towards an HIV Cure initiative, CANFAR, CIHR, CanCURE, and CATIE will jointly hold the IAS Towards an HIV Cure: Canadian <-> Global Stakeholder’s Engagement Workshop on July 21st 2015 from 18h30 to 20h30 (PST) during the IAS Conference presented at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The workshop will promote interactions with global stakeholders to enhance mutual learning and advancement in HIV Cure research, as well as encourage community contribution from the diverse Canadian populations invested in Cure research. Speakers will include Robert Reinhard (CanCURE Community Liaison), Renée Masching and Wangari Tharao (of CanCURE Community Advisory Group), as well as Dr. Sharon Lewin and Dr. Nicolas Chomont (CanCURE Collaborators). Session chairs will include Ron Rosenes (of CanCURE Community Advisory Group).

See Workshop webpage and program >>

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