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A study led by Dr. Cheolho Cheong has recently been published

A study led by Dr. Cheolho Cheong, CanCURE Investigator at the IRCM (Montréal) who sadly passed away last April 24th (read notice of passing), has recently been published in Cell Metabolism. Results generated by Dr. Cheong in collaboration with CanCURE Investigators Dr. Éric A. Cohenand Dr. Élie Haddad, as well as other collaborators, have shed light on the role of plasmacytoid dendritic cells in atherosclerosis, a cardiovascular disease of higher risk in individuals living with HIV. This multidisciplinary effort illustrates well how CanCURE's scientific Team and Core infrastructures (in this case, the Humanized Mice Core) are able to impact research pertaining to comorbidities associated with HIV infection. ​

*This work is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Cheolho Cheong.

Dr. Cheolho Cheong

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