CRCHUM Symposium: watch the presentations recorded during the event

Keynote speaker Dr Sharon R. Lewin

Presentations by CanCURE Collaborators Dr. Sharon R. Lewin (keynote speaker, Doherty Institute, Melbourne) and Dr. Nicolas Chomont (CHUM Research Centre, Montréal), as well as by Principal Investigator for CanCURE Dr. Petronela Ancuta (CHUM Research Centre, Montréal) were recorded at the "CRCHUM Symposium on Research Priorities Towards a Cure in Chronic Viral Infectious Diseases: From Pathogen Sensing to Eradication" last April 24th (read about event). Presentations can be viewed by following these links:

Presentation by Dr Petronela Ancuta

Presentation by Dr Nicolas Chomont

Presentation by keynote speaker Dr Sharon Lewin

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