CanCURE is renewed! CIHR awards $6 million to a Canadian consortium helmed by the IRCM to eradicate

The CanCURE team is excited to announce CanCURE's renewal for an additional 5 years spanning from 2019 to 2024. The CanCURE initiative brings together 19 collaborators and aims to address key gaps limiting the ability to cure HIV — by harnessing the synergy between basic and clinical researchers as well as groups of people living with HIV.

CanCURE 2.0 Team Members

Principal researchers:

Éric A. Cohen (IRCM), Petronela Ancuta (CHUM Research Centre), Jonathan B. Angel (The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa), Nicolas Chomont (CHUM Research Centre), Jérôme Estaquier (Quebec CHU Research Centre), Thomas T. Murooka (University of Manitoba), Jean-Pierre Routy (McGill University), Shari L. Margolese and Ron Rosenes (community research consultants)


Donald William Cameron (The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa), Cecilia T. Costiniuk (MUHC), Emilia Liana Falcone (IRCM), Keith R. Fowke (University of Manitoba), Elie Haddad (CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre), Mohammad-Ali Jenabian (UQAM), Ashok Kumar (CHEO Research Institute), Mario A. Ostrowski (University of Toronto), Christopher Power (University of Alberta), Michel J. Tremblay (Quebec CHU Research Centre)

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