Dr. Ancuta and Dr. Routy co-publish in The Journal of Infectious Diseases

April 1, 2015

CanCURE Principal Investigator Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy (Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre) has published a study in The Journal of Infectious Diseases with participation of Dr. Petronela Ancuta (CanCURE Principal Investigator at the Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal Research Centre). They assessed the influence of antiretroviral therapy (ART) on tryptophan catabolism, inflammation, and gut mucosal dysfunction in patients early after they acquired HIV. During HIV infection, enhanced tryptophan breakdown is a contributor to immune dysfunction and is associated with inflammation in patients. The authors show that early initiation of ART brings tryptophan catabolism back to normal levels found in healthy individuals, while decreasing markers of myeloid and lymphoid inflammation. However, no effects of early ART on gut mucosal dysfunction were observed.

(*classified as Major Article by the journal) 

Read the article in The Journal of Infectious Diseases >>


 Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy (corresponding author) and Dr. Petronela Ancuta

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