CanCURE at Keystone Conference "DCs & Macrophages Reunited", Montréal

Studies conducted by CanCURE Principal Investigators were showcased at the Keystone Symposia Conference "Dendritic Cells and Macrophages Reunited" held in Montréal last week. Posters from the groups of Dr. Petronela Ancuta (CHUM Research Centre, Montréal), Dr. Jérôme Estaquier, and Dr. Michel J. Tremblay (both from the CHU de Québec Research Centre, Québec City) were presented throughout the meeting. Moreover, Dr. Tremblay's study was also presented through a short-talk by Dr. Alexandre Deshiere (left photo), Postdoctoral Fellow in his laboratory, during a workshop focused on infectious diseases.

Read Dr. Petronela Ancuta's study abstract >>

Read Dr. Michel J. Tremblay's study abstract >>

See the website of the Keystone Conference held in Montréal >>

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