Dr. Éric Cohen joins the IAS ISWG: Towards an HIV Cure

CanCURE Team Leader Dr. Éric Cohen was solicited for his expertise on HIV/AIDS by the International AIDS Society (IAS) in order to join the 2016 IAS International Scientific Working Group: Towards an HIV Cure. This international group consisting of more than 50 experts will be responsible for updating and revising the 2014-2016 Towards an HIV Cure Global Scientific Strategy. This strategy aims to optimize resources and investments for the most promising research working towards an HIV cure. Its objectives also involve the creation of an international research alliance and/or the expansion and global collaboration of existing research consortiums. In addition to being focused on basic and clinical research sectors, this multidisciplinary strategy will extend its reach to many other areas, such as social sciences, health economics, cost-effectiveness, and ethical considerations. Dr. Cohen will be part of the subgroup focusing on the Molecular biology of HIV latency and “shock” strategies. The scientific strategy developed by the working group will be launched in July 2016 in conjunction with the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) to be held in Durban, South Africa.

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